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Soho Consulting has an extensive national network of industry expertise through its national alliances in the cannabis markets.


Due to the newness of this industry, the regulations and laws surrounding it are always changing. It is normal to underestimate how complex and detailed the cannabis licensing application process is for businesses.

Applications are assessed in great detail. Regulators remain concerned about the legalization of medical cannabis and are scrupulously evaluating all aspects of your business plan, your team, and your ability to create an outstanding case for your business license.

Cultivation, processing, and dispensary licenses are often limited and it is becoming more difficult to obtain them as market competition increases. Applying for and procuring a state license is not only a complex process, but a high-stakes endeavor. You might only have one chance at submitting an application, so success is your only option.


You’ll need to present your best ideas and have a consistent narrative to submit a successful final draft of your application.

When complete, your application will showcase your comprehensive skill set, your best ideas, and a thoughtful, consistent narrative that makes your application compelling and unique.

Silvia Orizaba

has an unparalleled track record of winning competitive licenses for clients.

We only work with a limited number of well-qualified groups to increase your chance of success and eliminate potential conflicts of interest.

  • Custom-written cannabis licensing applications for each client
  • Best practices for regulated industry
  • Development of standard operating procedures specific to local compliance
  • Establishing local support

Let us help you secure a license in your state.

Licensing and Permitting

State/Local Licensing & Permit Services:

  • Cannabis Operational Licensing for entire cannabis business vertical
    (Cultivation, Manufacture, Distribution, Retail, Delivery only.)
  • Merit Based
  • Standard
  • License Sections
    (i.e. Recall Plan, Security Plan)
  • License application review and editing

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Services:

  • Creation of template SOPs compliant with state laws
  • Creation of customized SOPs
  • SOP review and edit

Governmental Services:

  • Review and grade cannabis license applications
  • Compliance dispensary design
  • Consulting on design of cannabis regulatory framework


Silvia Orizaba has been absolutely instrumental in my companies progress of applying for multiple state cannabis licensing. Between Silvia’s thorough knowledge of the marijuana industry, her passion for the content needed for such detailed applications, to her most impressive trait, a work ethic and dedication to her client unmatched by most consultants I have worked with, I cannot imagine a more well suited consultant for the entry level cannabis group. I highly recommended Silvia’s services.

Rob S

The cannabis application process is difficult. Navigate the application process, you must surround yourself with competent knowledgeable people, but that isn’t enough. You must also have a team of professionals that know the cannabis industry and understand the application process.

It is rare, in the cannabis industry, to find professionals with the dedication, experience, and expertise to deal with the onslaught of issues that all cannabis companies will eventually experience.

There is no better consultant Silvia Orizaba. Hands down.

Hafiz Y

Silvia, I wanted to inform you that your hard work and knowledge of the cannabis laws and applications successfully put us in a position to obtain a license. Our organization reputation means a lot to us and you certainly helped hold that during this process. Anyone that needs help in cannabis applications across the country will be referred to Silvia Orizaba on our end. The professionalism and knowledge of your service is unsurpassed in the cannabis industry.

Chad E

I have worked with Silvia for almost 2 years now. She provides good insight and strategy, always makes time for my questions and issues, and has met all deadlines. Silvia is extremely hard working, energetic, and fun to work with. I continue to use her services as we look and expand into other markets. Her experience, work ethic, and knowledge make her a great asset to any cannabis venture.

David M

When I started the application process I had no clue which direction to go. Thanks to Silvia I was able to complete my application without any issues. She is very capable and confident about her work. I would highly recommend Silvia Orizaba.

Dan C

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